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LOL! OMG - how I loved this. Yes - that's what I enjoy about the local dogpark too (not to mention the acreage of grass that my dogs get to play in and I don't have to water or mow!). Last time we were there a young woman tried to bring in her dog but several labs rushed the little anteroom/pen and frightened her. Her dog was happily chasing and playing but the woman couldn't deal with it so shouted to the lab owners that their dogs were attacking her and her dog? WTF? I don't think so. We all were relieved when she leashed up and left. I had my trio of tinies as well as Riley so if those dogs were going to attack anything - I wouldn't have my little ones under fire. My little dogs would get on the 2 picnic tables and edge themselves into available laps (everyone sat on the tables to chat while the labs chased balls). Great great fun.

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