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PJ, I perfectly understand your affection for Green, green, beautiful GrEeN ! I find that it both soothes me AND gives me energy. Once when I was 4 and was watching The Wizard of Oz, I fell in love with the Emerald City and I said to myself "that's my favourite colour".

These days, I usually gravitate toward the yellowy greens like Lime, Chartreuse, Pear...as listed here...


Team one of those up with a lavender or lilac colour and I'm in Heaven!

Your yarn splurge reminds me of one day I was out shopping with my grandmother in a lovely little town in Ontario where many of the buildings were made with big river rocks, including our destination: Needle Emporium. They had a big sale that day, where everything in their basement was 50-70% off. Yes, I confess that I did come away with almost a green garbage bag full of delicious yarns. I was dreaming in Kaffe Fassett colour in those days, so it didn't bother me that most of the balls were mismatched. Oh yes, they also had Ehrman needlepoint kits (not on sale, of course!)

Gramma was the worst sort of enabler when it came to crafts, which is why it was so fun to shop with her :)

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